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GAUZ SK Dental clinic Neftekumsk

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% D0% b3% d0% BB% d0% b0% d0% b2-% d0% b2% d1% 80% d0% b0% D1% 87I, Nesterenko Irina Vladimirovna, 16 June 1965 year of birth. Born in Neftecmsk, studied with 1972g. To 1982 In NSW № 1. With 1982g. by 1984g. studied in Budennovskoye Med. School, finishing with a “red” Diploma in 1984G. Entered the Stavropol State Medical Institute. In 1989g. Graduating from the institute, was distributed in the KOMI ASSR. Syktyvkar, where she took an internship at the Republican hospital, during the year. Then she worked at the Ežvimskaya Dental clinic. In 1991, he was enrolled as a dentist in the Neftecomskoye CRB in the dental department. 1996 Approved for the position of head of Branch, since 2002. I work as the chief doctor of the “dental Polyclinic”, 30.01.2013 G. The Municipal autonomous health care Institution “dental Polyclinic” has been renamed into the State Autonomous health care Institution of Stavropol Krai, where I work as the chief Doctor of the present time. Married, I have three children.

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